Women’s Well-Being Mastermind

Women’s Well-Being Mastermind

Nurturing Your Infinite Potential

An eight week online mastermind
with Andrea Vallely and Del Adey-Jones

Next session begins Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
1pm EST, 10am PST


This is an opportunity to awaken on a deeper level, share our experience with like-minded women, and explore what’s possible when we slow down enough to reset, and look in a different direction. 

What’s Included:

  • 8 sessions for 75 minutes each. We will meet Thursdays at 10am PST, 1pm EST

  • All calls will be recorded and you will receive the recording within 24 hours, so not to worry if you are not able to join us for the live call.  You will have full access to all recordings. 

  • Email support with Andi and Del

  • We’ll explore what is innately within us: our well being, our ability to reset, our creativity, and our wisdom. 

“Andi and Del created an incredible journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. By sharing their own life experiences and humanizing life’s ups and downs it helped me through a challenging time. I looked forward to each week as I reflected on the prior week! I felt lighter and happier as the weeks progressed. No matter what stage of life your at, there is always something to learn and take away from these powerful women. Thank you ladies.”
~ Kathy L, Entrepreneur

“You cannot go wrong with these two beautiful masters of consciousness and teachers of authenticity and tapping into your limitless potential! Andrea and Del provide a forum for exploring all those nooks and crannies of your being that you’ve long ignored. Let them help you clear out the cobwebs with this infinitely valuable mastermind program!”
~ Lisa McCourt, best selling Hay-House Author

Weekly Topics Include


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The Inside Out Nature of Life, Our Deeper Nature

We’ll take an in depth look at the principles that create our experience, and point you in the direction of truth. The way we experience life is much different than it appears. Our experience of life comes directly via our thinking. The way we feel is the direct result of our thinking in the moment. Who are we at our essence?  We’ll share the difference between the world of form, and the formless. We are both “Spiritual and Human” rolled into one.  We are not striving to fix ourselves or striving for perfection; no spiritual bypass. We lovingly accept our human frailties with a lightness and a sense of humor.  


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Anxiety and Depression

Learning Not to be Afraid of Our Experience. Human beings have anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 thoughts a day; and we have no power over what thoughts pop into our head. However, we do have power over whether or not we feed those thoughts. Our “thoughts” are not personal and have no bearing on who we are. They are random and up for grabs. We’ll dive deeper into this conversation.


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Our Innate Resilience

At our core we are never broken or damaged. Regardless of our external circumstance; happiness is always one thought away. Our natural set point is one of innate health and wellbeing, and no matter how depressed or overwhelmed we might be, in time, we naturally bounce back to our innate healthy state of wellbeing.


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Healthy Relationships

We’ll explore maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, children and our aging parents, during social-distancing and isolation. And, how to stay connected emotionally while practicing physical distancing with available platforms  We’ll explore respecting ourselves and each other, and our separate realities.


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Habits and Addictions, Physical Health

It is a  natural function of our humanness to want to return to our innate state of wellbeing. Unwittingly, we reach for something on the outside to achieve the peace of mind we are searching for. The misunderstanding is that we believe the relief we are seeking comes from something outside of ourselves, like food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling and sex.  The fact is, the only way we experience relief is via our relationship to our thinking.  When we see this deep truth, the urge to find peace outside of us lessons, and eventually vanishes.  Learn to listen to your wisdom on how best to take care of our physical health during self-isolation. Being gentle with ourselves while we adjust to this new way of being, while maintaining a healthy immune system. Have fun and let’s get creative!


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A Busy Mind Never Solved Anything

We’ll explore the negative effects of trying to solve “problems” from an anxious, busy mind. We all have access to the wisdom that resides within. Learn to tap into your own wisdom; listen to your own intuition and common sense rather than the advice of others. Only you know what is right for you.  We’ll get clear on listening to our wisdom versus the chatter.


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Freedom from Fear and Grief

We feel fear when our thoughts go to the future. The past is a memory bought forward in time and the future is an illusion. The only thing we have is the present moment. In the present moment, we feel love, peace and gratitude for what is. When we are present, we can hear our inner wisdom and guidance. We’ll explore our own ability to access this truth at any moment. Whether we are grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of the security we thought we had, we’ll get clear on allowing ourselves to feel whatever we feel without judgment or resistance. There is no need to fear our feelings, or to control them. The less attention we give them will allow them to naturally move on, on their own accord.


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Becoming Comfortable with the Unknown and Exploring Creativity

As humans, we tend to resist change. We like to know where we are going and what’s coming next. We mistakenly believe that’s where our security lies. We’ll explore the innate security within all of us. When we learn to let go and let wisdom guide us, miracles happen. Ideas come to us that we could never conceived of; if left to our own devices. We’ll tap into the excitement that new beginnings bring. 

“The Women’s Mastermind was a truly enlightening experience. I have walked away with so many helpful tools. Thank you for being an amazing encourager and sharing your words of wisdom.”
~ Liz Ruiz, Psychologist

“This was an incredible series in the Spring, and I look forward to joining again this Fall. Thank you Del Adey-Jones and Andrea Vallely for an amazing journey of Principles. And the bonus of exploring this with an inspiring group of women across the country was phenomenal!”
~ Katie Thoma Sutton

“Andrea and Del, thank you for sharing your wisdom in the Women’s Mastermind class. I was drawn to the class because I had a previous class with Del and liked her so much. I was also interested in creating the most peace in my life. The class gave me insight in letting different emotions flow through me. It gave me more acceptance in myself leading to greater self love and more confidence. Thank for your wisdom. “ ~Vanessa

What’s on offer?
Clarity of mind, compassion for self and others, freedom from our thinking. 

If all of this sounds life changing, like something that all of us should have the advantage of understanding, you’re on the right track. These principles provide us with the foundation for less suffering, more creativity, contentment, and peace of mind.  

The intention of this mastermind is to create a safe space where participants can express themselves freely, and explore your greatest potential in a supportive, caring environment.  

Join us, Del Adey-Jones, and Andrea Vallely, for this eight week mastermind designed to help you function with clarity, at your highest potential, in a small, intimate environment, of up to 10 participants.




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About Your Hosts

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Del Adey-Jones 

Del Adey-Jones is a 3 Principles Practitioner, Mentor, Speaker and host of “Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones” a weekly live-streaming YouTube and Podcast series featuring some of the most impactful voices in the 3P Community.

To learn more about her Coaching and Mentoring packages go to her website at www.deladeyjones.com


Andrea Vallely

Andrea is the founder of Spreadhappy.net, and has been coaching, writing and speaking for over 10 years.

Andrea is a registered Three Principles Practitioner and shares these principles on radio and TV, with personal and business clients, teens and schools, and offers mentorship programs. Contact: Andi@andreavallely.com for more information on her coaching and programs.