Wouldn’t it Be Cool?

Wouldn’t It Be Cool?
Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams, Going Deeper

The course begins June 28th, 2022

Do you ever wonder why certain people seem to just flow through life? Luck just follows them around? Everything they touch seems to turn to gold? Do you ever wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again? The characters in the movie change, but your circumstances continue to repeat themselves? Are you exhausted from trying affirmation after affirmation, and getting nowhere?


It’s time for a change. I’ve manifested everything from my dream man to $100,000.00 in one day… my dream home right smack on the intracoastal in Florida, with nothing in my bank account at the time, brand new custom furniture worth $15,000.00, out of the blue, as a gift!! A weekly segment on CBS TV, a top rated blog (at the time, I didn’t even know anyone was reading my blog), first class trips, earning 6 figures the first year of my coaching business with no advertising and no business plan, and I could go on and on. Things seem to flow effortlessly when I am chilled out, sure of what’s possible, firm on my decision of who I am, and open to possibilities.

I’ll show you how I create, how you can create, and we’ll do it together. We’ll spend 6 months creating, and I’m here as your coach to help you along the way. I’ve worked with lots of people and helped them change their lives. Now, I’m offering a group coaching program because it’s fun, and I would love for you to join me.

This course includes:

  • Six (90) minute intensive workshop sessions spread over 6 months

  • One private, one on one (60) minute coaching session ($350 value)

  • Private Facebook support group with fresh new prompts, tips, mini training videos, live ‘raise your vibe’ vignettes, and supportive materials added regularly to inspire!

  • Support support support!!! I’ll be checking and responding to the Facebook group regularly to cheer you on and add the latest tools and tricks!

In this course, we will begin by deciding what we would like to manifest, and over the six months, work together closely to raise our vibe, believe and receive.

We will dive deep into our releasing our blocks, and clearing our energy.

We will unpack the backpack that is weighing us down, and get rid of the files in our old, outdated filing cabinet.

  • I always wanted to live on the water in Delray Beach. I have a direct intracoastal view.

  • I wanted to marry a man who has the same interests as me. We built our company together.

  • I wanted to be on TV. I had a weekly segment on CBS, Living Your Best Life.

  • We wanted to earn our living doing what we love. We spend our mornings in the quiet on our balcony, go to yoga, spend the day with cool people like you, and go back to yoga;). We get to do retreats in beautiful places, and share what we know to be true. Raise the vibe!! Raise the vibe!!

I want to show you that you can too! You can have the life of your dreams, with a few tweaks here and there, everything can shift. And it will. It’s the law. When you change the way you see the world, the world changes.

Join me and let’s create together.

All kinds of crazy love,



Investment for 6 month program $495


$495 (save $30)

3 Monthly


 I was down. Really down. I felt paralyzed. After taking with Andi, on a scale of 1-10, I’m an 8.5, and I feel like Andi whispered something in my ear and it’s stuck ever since. I’m grateful.I got my mojo back. ~Rae

Andi is truly an insightful and beautiful soul. Her patience and kindness in her approach made me feel extremely comfortable talking about sensitive topics. Her way of expressing complex concepts in terms that anybody would be able to understand and embrace makes her exceptional at what she does. She is truly one of a kind and a blessing to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her. ~ Michelle Burke

Andi and Lee are an invaluable source of motivation, compassion and support on my soul’s journey to discover, embrace and take action towards my purpose and passions. The shifts I have experienced personally and professionally have been monumental. I have made peace with life and become unattached to its outcomes. I am creating space for all that my heart desires and to letting go of what doesn’t serve my highest and best interest. Most importantly, I trust that the boat I’m in is taking me exactly where I need to be. How beautiful and freeing to know that it is totally normal to feel stuck and desire something more out of life – and then to experience the transition to happy. The strategies and lessons shared through your coaching and two Edgewater wellness retreats have been life changing!! I am so grateful and blessed to know you.
~ Jennifer Durden, Director of Real Estate Development